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Whether an attorney has spent years in the courtroom or is embarking on his first trial experience, gaining insight into a jury’s thought process, decision making and perception are all key advantages at trial. In order to better educate and prepare attorneys to navigate this complex jury process, Trey Cox, partner with Dallas-based Lynn Tillotson Pinker & Cox, LLP, and the Honorable James Stanton, former presiding judge for the 134th District Court of Dallas County, have developed the Jury Rules to help all lawyers interested in learning about juries and their decisionmaking process. This highly respected former judge and seasoned trial attorney have created a rare opportunity for attorneys to travel inside the minds of jurors – exploring the decision making process of 600 actual jurors throughout 50 trials involving intellectual property, breach of contract, fraud, car crash and medical malpractice. They conducted 60 in-depth individual juror interviews and filmed over 25 hours of video footage to put together ten rules that all jurors want every trial lawyer to know and use. if you are interested in improving your courtroom presentation, this book is for you.


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